DMT history is born out of the passion for the art of footwear.

It was developed following the Venetian culture, which has been leader for centuries at worldwide level, in the production of high quality shoes. It is a history made of ancient and new know-how, consolidated through the direct relation between master and student. The skilful use of the hands, mixed with passion, becomes a form of “creativity’’ that makes the difference at high level.

The great power of DMT is the production department that is made up of skilful and motivated men and women, a work organization that dates back its roots during the early ‘80s of the last century. Eight years ago, Philippe Zecchetto, footwear technician and manager, formed a selected team, consisting of the best footwear engineers and artisans, a small world made of fond and painstaking people. With a single purpose: give the best every day in order to produce an unmatchable shoe.

Time slows down in the model department. From the finish of the shape with adhesive paper, to the design of the shoe, DMT’s artisans represent the highest expression of rigour and precision, underlying calmness; this is a fundamental step on which the entire production of DMT’s shoes is based. A step that makes the difference compared to extra-European assembly chains. Here seniors teach to young adults the love for high-quality handcraft shoes.